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Kickboxing is a no-nonsense hybrid martial art that has seen influences from Western boxing, MuayThai kickboxing, and traditional martial arts like karate. It's also a great cardio workout that provides you with muscle toning and fat burning simultaneously! Come enjoy our no-contact, high-energy kickboxing workouts where you'll never get bored, since we constantly change up the routine!

Lose weight, feel great, learn self-defense!

If our many different morning, daytime, and

night classes don't fit

your schedule, try a

private session!

 - High-energy, up-tempo music

 - Great cardio workout

 - Build muscle tone

 - Burn fat quickly

 - Combines several martial arts

 - Sixteen classes available

 - Morning, day, night classes

Get the many benefits of

up-tempo kickboxing

If you're looking for a fantastic family activity, how about karate lessons? Get a family membership and save money while spending quality time with one another learning a fun and practical martial art. Children can join as young as four years old, and you can take advantage of our great introductory special. You can also have your kids check out our karate parties and day camps!

Enroll the whole family in karate class and learn the art together!

Call today to learn about our introductory kickboxing offer!


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